360VR Filming Gimbal “Alpha360 Action”

//360VR Filming Gimbal “Alpha360 Action”

Greetings! This is Net Media.

We introduce ALPHA360 Action which is a exclusive VR gimbal for GoPro series.

Continuing the reputation of Camtool Alpha-1, Alpha360 Action provides perfect support for GoPro 5 and GoPro 4.


CG (Center of Gravity)

Since every CG is on standard setting, you can use it as soon as you mount the camera.

Temperature Calibration

With the -15℃ ~ 35℃ temperature calibration provided, which was created by Net Media’s special setting technology, there is no tilting even in temperature change.


Motor + Encoder

As for the core part of a gimbal, the motor is applied with the remarkable motor brand, T-MOTOR, to guarantee fine leveling. Furthermore, the parallel motor structure, designed after long research, lets minute vibrations stand out more than single motor structures. Designed by the special technology of Netmedia, the application of the exclusive encoder for parallel motor and the power control system realize a greater stabilizing device.

Gimbal Body Material

Manufactured with aircraft material, duralumin AL7075, the gimbal body has high rigidity.


Easy Use

Without detaching the camera, batteries can be changed and charged, memory can be inserted, and all setting buttons can be used.

Cableless Design

All cables are placed internally, enabling infinite rotation of the rotation axis and unconstrained filming.

Operation Angle

ALPHA360 Action has at least 112 degrees of operation angle.


A seven-hour-lasting high discharge battery system exclusive for Camtool is applied.


Even with the parallel motor, ALPHA360 Action only weighs 2.2kg and has great strength.

Range of Use

ALPHA360 Action is optimized for land use and drone use, and can be used upside-down without reseting the program.


Operation Mode

ALPHA360 Action has rotation axis follow mode and fix mode.

Stitching (Post-correction)

The Nodal Point of the camera lens is set radially from the core providing convenience to stitching and stable images.

Supported Camera Models

GoPro 5, GoPro 4

GoPro 5 x 7 units / GoPro 4 x 7 units / GoPro 4 + NM FISHEYE LENS x 4 units

*By applying NM FISHEYE LENS, 4 units of GoPro 4 can be operated and it is compatible with the the former LEWIS Rig NM FISHEYE LENS application model.

[Alpha360 Action Specification]

  • Gimbal Operation System: BaseCam SimpleBGC 32-bit Encoders / I2C_Drv Expansion Module
  • Leveling Temperature: -15℃ ~ 35℃
  • Operation Angle: X, Y axis – 112° / Z axis – Infinite Angle
  • Camera Combination: GoPro 5 x 7 units, GoPro 4 x 7 units, GoPro 4 + NM FISHEYE LENS 4 units
  • Battery life: 7 hours
  • Weight: 2.2kg (including battery)
  • Size: 378mm(excluding grip) × 239mm × 245mm

517mm(including grip) x 239mm x 245mm



Contact Info

91, Mayu-ro, 144beon-gil, Siheung-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea

Phone: 1.626.360.6156(USA) / 82.70.8887.1530(KOR)

Web: Netmedia :: 넷미디어