Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation a.k.a. MBC Live Demonstration and Hands-on Experience

//Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation a.k.a. MBC Live Demonstration and Hands-on Experience

Last Friday, June 8th, we had a chance to introduce our products at MBC headquarters. We had an opportunity to show our products to a good number of directors and producers who took time to join us despite their busy schedules.
Since they came from various sites and filming environment, we also had a chance to hear their experiences with other gimbal products and some of the problems they faced.

For documentary film directors, a quick setup was essential. They expressed how time absorbing the setup process was and how laborious it was to calibrate the gimbal with temperature difference.
We showed our Alpha Beam Lander, Alpha Kinema, and Alpha S and how easy it was to take them out of their hard cases and set them up. The gimbals were pefect for those who need quick and easy setup in their filming environment.

It literally took 30 seconds for Justin Park, our R&D Director, to balance the camera on the gimbal. You can see how fast and easy it is.
Then, he simply folded the gimbal and placed it back inside the hard case which took less than 10 seconds.
How incredibly quick and easy the setup is!

One of the producers mentioned how worried he was about his documentary filming next month which will be inside a cave. With his previous gimbal, it was impossible to shoot dynamically with all the cables hanging loosely. But seeing the cable-less, stand-less design of Alpha Beam Lander, he was glad that all problems were resolved. Since the gimbal has no stand, it is perfect for directors who need to move around a lot!!


For those who do live-streaming, there is a ready bracket for mounting the wireless transmitter as well as DC output to share the power with the gimbal!

Lastly, if you are a user of our products, you will be well aware of our quality service or QS. Our users can enjoy the products because we assure the quality of our products and services with care and respect! We will continue to do our best in bringing you the best products and services. Thank you!!




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