Netmedia’s New Camtool lineup !!!! [Mono Handle Super Gimbal G90]

//Netmedia’s New Camtool lineup !!!! [Mono Handle Super Gimbal G90]

Mono Handle Super Gimbal 

Farewell to Arms!
Patented weapon-shaped ergonomic handle.

Incomparable Strength from the 90° Angle: 
Operates Red Dragon camera smoothly.

Ultra-light Mono Handle Gimbal: 
1.58 kg including battery.

Wireless Aesthetics: 
Wireless operation of camera and gimbal, detachable handle.

Standless Basics: 
Handle works as stand and vice versa for convenient operation.

Genuinely Designed and Manufactured by Netmedia: 
All parts are made at Camtool Works, entirely made in Korea.

The Pure Honor of Aluminum: 
The eco-friendly philosophy to cease entropy in the environment.

Aging Together with Users:
Perfect harmony achieved through taming.

Netmedia’s Spirit of Support:
The spirit of service for perfect quality.

We call it,



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