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Mono Handle Super Gimbal “G90”


Mono Handle Super Gimbal "G90" Farewell to Arms!  Patented weapon-shaped ergonomic handle. Incomparable Strength from the 90° Angle:  Operates Red Dragon camera smoothly. Ultra-light Mono Handle Gimbal:  1.58 kg including battery. Wireless Aesthetics:  Wireless operation of camera and gimbal, detachable handle. Standless Basics:  Handle works as stand and vice versa for convenient operation. Genuinely Designed and Manufactured by Netmedia:  All parts are made at Camtool Works, entirely made in Korea. The Pure Honor of Aluminum:  The eco-friendly philosophy to cease entropy in the environment. Aging Together with Users: Perfect harmony achieved through taming. Netmedia’s Spirit of Support: The spirit of [...]

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SBS Broadcasting Live Demonstration and Hands-on Experience of Netmedia’s Products


Hello! Last Monday, August 20, we had a product demonstration with a group of directors and producers from SBS. The director of Media and Films Department launched the event with a welcoming speech. We were glad to see so many directors who attended the event despite their busy schedules.  Let’s first watch a quick video of what was showcased at the event. We were excited to present our latest product, mono-hand gimbal, "G90" for the first time ever. The gimbal can be operated easily in a machine-gun position and the structural design can load up to Red cameras. Also, the motors [...]

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